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Our YouTube channel with the new Flâneur Series

It has been over a year ago since I published any new content for This Must Be The Place. There are many reasons for that – but one that is central has to do with my decision to shed activities that imposed a series of deadlines and immerse myself in a new lifestyle authentically.

Now, I am ready to expand this project. This Must Be The Place is going to move beyond podcasting and include video releases. You will find these 4K videos published on this site and on our YouTube channel.

I am planning to create videos in three modes:

Flâneur Series
These are a series of 15-25 minute videos where I walk through a city or place and display the textures of the moment. They capture unmediated environmental sounds but some will offer an optional commentary track with stream-of-consciousness observations. These are inspired by poet Charles Baudelaire who identified the existence of flâneurs – urban walkers who brush off the dust covering the surface of our experience and reveal what is peculiar and true. As of today, I am launching with three videos: walking through the streets of San Sebastián. I am hoping to release these about once every month.

An off-the-cuff capture of the day-to-day experiences of an expat who hit pause on a well-developed career in the USA and is now embedded in a different culture and way of being. Those vlogs will contain more raw, unprocessed musings and thoughts.

These are short videos – roughly around 5 minutes or so – offering you philosophical essays. They will cover themes such as the importance of walking, the nature of authenticity, and the power of nostalgia. These take a little more thought and time to create and are likely to appear once every couple of months.

I am still planning on producing podcast episodes as well, but my creative impulses are propelling me to include different forms of expression.

I hope you find the videos compelling enough to click on that Subscribe button on our YouTube channel and share them with others. An increase in that activity will help by unlocking additional features I can take advantage of as a creator.

Sheep in Ordizia
A parade of sheep in Ordizia

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