Expat Life: a wine-fueled evening

    A wine-fueled conversation with friends who committed to an expat life. Themes we discuss include the pleasures of living within different cultures, the difficult moments, planning for long term travel, and some philosophical musings on why we have all chosen to interrupt a typical life.

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    Becoming an Expat in Spain

    Season 2 kicks off with a discussion of our impending move to San Sebastián – Donostia in the Spanish Basque Country. I share some of the motivations, thoughts, and emotions behind the decision to pull up the roots and become an expat. 

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    Namibia with Carrie Pollard

    Carrie Pollard pushed off from the safe lands of the 9-to-5 life to live in Namibia, Africa for a year. A conversation about her experiences, about how they changed her, and about how her perceptions of the world have shifted.

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