First Month in San Sebastián-Donostia

31 de Agosto street at dawn
31 de Agosto street at dawn

A personal, idiosyncratic account of our first month living in San Sebastián-Donostia. This is mostly a flow of consciousness capturing impressionistic details rather than any grander social and cultural observations.

In this episode, I discuss some of the sights, sounds, and thoughts that have enveloped me as I get to know my new hometown. Some of the themes discussed include:

  • How free children and dogs seem to be
  • How my perception of time has shifted
  • The wonders of the Moussel shower gel
  • Witnessing the power of the ocean as it crashes into Donosti
  • …and more

I also identify some of the reasons why Donosti – the Basque name for the town – offers a rich density of experiences that reward urban walkers every day.


Plaza Cataluña in the neighborhood of Gros
Plaza Cataluña in the neighborhood of Gros

Show Links

“The Psychological Importance of Wasting Time” – Olivia Goldhill in Quartz

“Spain healthcare system in world’s top ten” – VIVA blog

Podcast intro music: “Mister S” by Luc Marcotte
Podcast exit music: “Park Bench” by Gunnar Olsen
Photography and videography © by Eric Parkinson
Taken with a Fujifilm X-T1 and a Panasonic Lumix G85

2 Replies to “First Month in San Sebastián-Donostia”

  1. I just came back from visiting San Sebastian and I was so shocked by the feeling of this city that I immediately started looking for podcasts and articles about its history and what gives this city its character. I bumped into this episode and I absolutely loved how you talked about the dogs. It was something we also realised and we were only there for a day. It’s like the dogs are leveling up to the city’s character… your description is absolutely accurate.

    1. Eric Parkinson says:

      Thank you for listening to the podcast and for your comment. Our original one year plan has turned into 3 and a half and counting…the dog sub-culture remains fascinating after all this time.

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